And I found this Trance beauty!

I am not going to deny that I absolutely love Hiroki Nagamine’s music. Never thought the Japanese would be interesting in producing Trance, but they are!

Anyway, this is a teaser of Hiroki’s newest single “Airflow” in collaboration with Sou Kanai, which is also a Japanese Trance producer. It’s a fantastic track and I am really looking forward to its release. Trance as it should be!


Limited free downloads!

Free download

I just wanted to let you know that all my albums and singles on BandCamp are available as free download for a limited amount of time! Grab your copy while you can!



“Calella” released!


It has been a month since the release of “Calella”, but I didn’t post it here… Now I did! 🙂

“Calella” is an uplifting progressive trance track, featuring the signature Mizore-sound heard in the “Exhale” remix. A fresh, warm production, which is the first original track released under the Mizore-alias.

The single contains the original mix, but a radio edit will be released very soon. It will be included in the album.

Limited free download

You can get the track for free for a limited amount of time! Grab your copy here on BandCamp!

Enjoy this release!


Remember this album?

“The Collected Works” by Kamaya Painters.

I hope I am not the only one, but I still think this is one of the best trance albums ever made! Especially “Endless Wave” is an amazing track… If you’ve been following me since the Mystixx-age, you probably remember I made a few remixes of “Endless Wave.” Shame that Kamaya Painters are not active anymore.

In case you didn’t know: Kamaya Painters was a trance project by Benno de Goeijj, still active in Rank 1, and Thijs Verwest, also known as DJ Tiësto. Teamed up, they made a few of the best classic trance tracks!

The Collected Works was sold on vinyl back in the 90’s, but is still available digitally via the Black Hole Recordings’ music store and probably other stores too.

Thought I’d share this masterpiece with you guys! In Trance we trust!


Just sharing some nostalgia…

After a decade, still a fantastic track… Rank 1 produced some amazing tracks back then. Shame they are not doing tracks like that anymore…

These tracks are nostalgia for me. Back in 2001, I was four years old. Whenever my parents turned on the radio, trance tunes were playing. And I enjoyed them a lot. You could say my love for trance started back in the Golden Age of trance music. And I still love the genre ❤

Enjoy the track! 🙂


Hello, old friend. It’s been a looong time…

It has been months since my last post on my blog… Literally months. A lot of things happened since then, so I have some updating to do.

I want to revive this blog and start using it in a different way than before. I want to start posting more interesting content related to music, my music and myself! I am not going into details, but I am telling you that it is going to be more fun!

So expect new stuff here really soon! Stay tuned!

Best wishes!

It has been a while since I posted something, but this might be the opportunity to do so. I am sorry for not being active on my blog and channel lately. It has been really busy for me in the past few months and I simply did not have the time (or permission) to publish anything new or write anything here.

Nonetheless I want to thank everyone that listened, commented and provided feedback on my music this year. I appreciate it a lot and helps me to improve my sound in the future. I really enjoyed this year and put out some great tracks. I hope to release even better tracks next year!

Happy new year and the best wishes for 2014!