Best wishes!

It has been a while since I posted something, but this might be the opportunity to do so. I am sorry for not being active on my blog and channel lately. It has been really busy for me in the past few months and I simply did not have the time (or permission) to publish anything new or write anything here.

Nonetheless I want to thank everyone that listened, commented and provided feedback on my music this year. I appreciate it a lot and helps me to improve my sound in the future. I really enjoyed this year and put out some great tracks. I hope to release even better tracks next year!

Happy new year and the best wishes for 2014!


Happy Dance Fusion!, vol. 2 released!

On the 28th of December we released the second volume of the free Happy Dance Fusion!-series! This edition of Happy Dance Fusion! features three tracks of my own, made into a radio mix and an extended mix. It also contains tracks of amazing artists such as Phaaze, Otaku, Dys7, DJ ChexMixer & Marimo and many more! To download the album, click on the photo in this post. Enjoy!


Happy Dance Fusion!, vol. 2 released!


After All released!

Yesterday I officially released my album “After All”, which is a collection of my own compositions I made between 2010 and 2013.
It even has some unreleased tracks and a few bonus tracks which are only obtainable via this album. Name your price on the album, but you can also choose to download it for free. To download the album, click on the photo in this post. Enjoy!


After All released!


Happy Dance Fusion!

Today is the official release of “Happy Dance Fusion!”, a Various Artists album which will feature two tracks of my own in the Eurobeat-genre.
I also did the front cover and back cover of the album, so the album has an extra touch of my own! The album will be released for free, the download is available right now! To download the album, click on the photo above. Enjoy!


Happy Dance Fusion! released!


The title might be a bit depressing, but my newest release is indeed a bit moody. Composed as a combination of instrumental and breakcore, I present to you my latest production “In solitude, where I am at least alone.”

I have chosen the title, because this was actually composed with the idea of me seeking solitude. There are moments when I do not want to be with other people, and I isolate myself to calm down and relax. It might sound lonely to you, but it works for me and I am better off being alone sometimes than staying around with other people.

I hope you like this new track, because I definitely had fun composing this. Enjoy!

A hero will rise...

Since last year summer, I am a proud owner of a Virus TI2. It’s interface is just so hands-on and the synthesis is so powerful yet so beautiful. I have a lot of fun messing around with settings and turning the knobs.

However, it was too good to be true. Windows 8 on my new desktop and FL Studio (32-bit) did not coorporate and crashed constantly when I turned on the TI2 and I could not start working with it on current projects.

After months of struggling with drivers, errors and blue screens, I managed to get this beauty working without any problems with Windows 8 and FL Studio, thanks to the 64-bit version released by Image-Line. She will enrich future productions with her amazing sounds and synths.


A hero will rise…


Help, I have no inspiration! What do I do now?

We all know that feeling of sitting in front of your screen, staring at your current project, and your mind feels all empty and you have no idea what could possibly improve the track you’re working on. Don’t worry, I am experiencing the same problems every now and then. Sometimes that feeling remains for several weeks!

Fortunately, there are several ways that can help you get to work again on your projects. I will tell you some of my own personal tricks to get creative again and sometimes can give you ideas for hours, days or maybe weeks to come!

Go outside.

It might be one of the most obvious tips of all time that I can give you, but go outside! Staying inside the studio doing nothing will not help you get that amazing idea you’re waiting for. Stroll around for a bit in your neighbourhood or head into town, experience the busy city life. If you live far away from civilization or your hometown is not that lively, don’t hesitate to explore the area for a bit: the smallest things around you could possibly become the biggest source of inspiration you have found yet.

When I was walking home in the winter of 2011, everything around me was covered in snow. The entire world around me was white. This scenery inspired me to create “Winterlove”. In 2012, when I was home alone on a rainy Saturday evening, the skyline of my hometown looked all blurry and somehow warm because of the lights of the cars and street lights. This resulted into “Always”, my lo-fi chillout track.

Knowledge is the key.

Sometimes discovering something new can change your vision entirely. The same thing can happen to music production sometimes. Browse the internet for new techniques or watch some tutorials on sound designing, mixdown, arrangement etc. You might come across something that you wish you knew earlier. It could completely change the way your project feels and sounds!

The video tutorials of TranceCrafter helped a lot during the production of all trance tracks on my album “So There I Am / Progress”. Without his videos, the tracks would sound a lot different and probably a lot less professional than they are right now.

Music is the medicine to the mind.

Listen to tracks of other artists! And with “listening” I mean listening very attentively. Try to seperate the song in layers, like in drums, bass, pads, leads etc. Try to figure out how the artist created that sound or how he achieved that effect he used. Sometimes you discover a track that uses a technique or has a sound you have never heard before!┬áListening to other people’s tracks can influence your style and possibly enhance your projects. Maybe you develop an entire new style because of one new technique or sound, or by combining them with your current style!

A lot of my own tracks include elements and techniques that I have heard in other tracks from all kind of artists. Especially listening to different artists from the same genre can give you a clear image on what kind of styles or variations can be done in that music genre.

Let it go for a bit.

Even when you don’t feel like doing so, it can be a wise choice to leave music production for a while. No, I am not talking about quitting music production or taking a break for several years. Just have a time-out for a few days or a week. After you come back, your mind could bulge of new and exciting ideas. If you still don’t have any inspiration after a few days or a week, then take a longer break. Don’t get frustrated because you can’t come up with anything, it won’t help.┬áJust take a little rest and do something else.

In 2012, there was a long period of time that I didn’t compose anything, but after a few months, I couldn’t stop working on new projects. “Tiffania”, my remix of Bissen’s “Exhale” and a few other hardcore and trance tracks were made in a very short period of time.


These are some of the tricks that work the best for me. I hope they will work out for you as well and helped you get back working on your projects again. If you want more tips and tricks on inspiration, tell me in the comments and I might do another article with more tips and tricks.

Have a nice day and good luck!